Big Juniper Poem

By Erika Goebel

Ode to my Heroes

I am old – very old!
I have lived in the shadow of Granite Mountain for almost a thousand years.
I know the secrets of this wilderness and this land.
I have survived droughts and floods but one day in June, the fire came.
I had nowhere to go. I was born here and I will die here – and I was ready.
But then, my heroes came – the Granite Mountain Hotshots!
They knew I was in danger and despite the raging fire, they saved me.
I am still here – but 19 brave souls are gone!
They perished in another wildfire – doing what they lived for – saving lives and
giving a helpful hand to whoever needed help.
Thanks to them, I hopefully have many more centuries to live.
From now on, I will stand strong and majestic as Prescott’s living monument in
honor of our fallen heroes.
Thank you Granite Mountain Hotshots for saving me.
Your big old alligator Juniper tree.

Erika M. Goebel