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2019-04-25 In honor of slow plus group leader Jim Smith’s birthday, the Thursday slow plus group enjoyed two delicious birthday cakes baked by Erika Goebel — a sweet ending to a great hike.

2019-04-06 Ellen’s and Louis’ hike to Wolf Creek Falls. Pics by BPrinzmetal

2019-03-16 Slow group-Miller Creek near Thumb Butte Parking

2019-03-05 Lynx Lake waterfall-Slow Group Julius leader; B Prinzmetal photographer

2019-02-26 The slow plus group hikes no matter the weather (driving rain, hail, snow, ice, whatever ) Lynx Lake

2019-02-23 Snowshoe Trails North of Thumb Butte-B. Prinzmetal Navigator/Photographer

2019-01 Slow Group to Alligator Juniper - Byron Prinzmetal

2018_10 Prescott Hiking Club Snow Canyon Campout

2018_03 Jim & Julius  Ramble - Byron Prinzmetal

2018_02 Ellen Bank's hike to the Aqua Fria River

2018_01 Tom and Jim's slow hike

2017_11 Slow Hike Granite Basin - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_11 Moderate Minus Hike Hangover Trail, Sedona - Vicki Reber

2017_11 Moderate Hike Hangover Trail, Sedona - Jim Perry

2017_10 Trail Maintenance of Aspen Creek #48 - Vicki Reber

2017_10 Lynx Lake and Granite Basin - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_08 Thumb Butte- Jim Smith

2017_08 Cayuse - Jim Smith

2017_08 Salida Gulch- Jim Smith

2017_04 Sierra Prieta led by Sally Jernigan - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_04 Castle Creek Wilderness led by Fred Stellbrink - Jim Rigler

2017_04 West Spruce and Porter led by Byron - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_03 Wolf Creek Loop led by Louis & Ellen - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_03 Sedona Hike led by Sally Jernigan - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_03 Lynx Lake Slow Group - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_02 Granite Basin Slow Group - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_02 Goldwater Lake Hike - Byron Prinzmetal

2017_02 Slow Plus Granite Mountain & Thumb Butte - James Smith

2016_12 Baby Granite Loop Hike 12/27 - Richard Balland

2016_12 Mary Ann's Promised Land, Muldoon Canyon - Mary Ann Dumont & Jim Rigler

2016_12 Xmas Party - Nelson Zarate

2016_12 Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park - Richard Balland

2016_12 Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park - Jim Perry 

2016_11 Big Juniper Hike- Jim Perry

On the Big Juniper Hike, Erica Goebel left a poem she wrote about the Memorial. You can view it here .

2016_06 Thumb Butte Tuesday Slow Group Hike - Henry Dye

2016_06 Lynx Lake Tuesday Slow Group Hike - Henry Dye

2016_05 Mount Union and Mount Davis Hike - Richard Balland

2016_05 Sycamore Canyon - Chris Maxwell

2016_05 Cape Solitude, east side of the Grand Canyon - Nelson Zarate and Fred Stellbrink

2016_04 Circle Trail Completion Party - Linda Goodman

2016_03 Mushroom Rock, Sedona -Richard Balland

2016_01 West Spruce Snowshoe Hike - Byron Prinzmetal

2015_12 Thumb Butte Ramble - Byron Prinzmetal

2015_11 Kaye's Bushwhacking Hike - Mary Ann Dumont

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