Basic Club Rules
1) Never leave a hiker behind.
2) Leaders wait for others at trail junctions.
3) Members should hike with the group appropriate for their abilities.

Hike Facilitator Responsibility:

The designated leader is responsible for the route and progress of the hike. For the
safety and convenience of all, hikers should not scatter or go off on their

And, we should make sure that we are custodians of the trails and forests; we
pick up trash, but leave everything else for future hikers.

Religion and Politics:

The Prescott Hiking Club has always had an “unofficial policy” of not discussing politics and religion on hikes. We recognize that these two subjects create intense
personal feelings and convictions, but no one should be forced to listen to several
hours of conflicting viewpoints on the trail.

Therefore, please limit your comments about these two subjects to a few minutes. Preferably, choose other subjects to discuss.


Hikers should not wear perfume or other heavily scented personal products when they are hiking. Some members are allergic to or bothered by such scents, and it would be appreciated by all if these products are avoided during hikes.

Cell phones

Hike leaders may ask that all cell phones either be turned off or put in airplane mode for the duration of the hike.  Keeping hikes free from cellphone interruptions will enhance participants experience, while addressing some individuals’ sensitivity to cellphone transmissions.  The airplane mode setting will still allow usage of cellphone GPS apps.

No Dogs, No Guns

Dogs are not permitted on the weekly hikes; however, they are permitted on certain club sponsored campouts.

Guns are never permitted on PHC Club hikes.