Current Week's Hikes
Tuesday, January 15

Slow Plus - Meet 9 a.m., Seven Mile Gulch Trailhead. Travel highway 69 to Walker Road go about 1.9 miles to trailhead on right side of Walker Road, just before North Shore parking area turn.

Moderate - Lost in Sedona. Hike Facilitators: Ellen and Louis, 928-443-7557. Meet 8 a.m. just north of the Wells Fargo Bank in front of the former KMart, Prescott Valley. About 10 miles,1,200' elevation gain. Okay. The weather forecast is "iffy," so, to avoid the "exposed" trails, we'll do a nice meander instead. Starting at the Long Canyon Trailhead, we'll go exploring, combining Chuck Wagon, Mescal, Canyon of Fools, Deadman's pass, Aerie, Cockscomb, Dawa, Cypress, Anaconda, Snake and OK Trails into a lovely 10-ish mile hike. $8.00 to drivers.

Strenuous - Granite Mountain Loop. Hike Facilitator: Fred Stellbrink, 928-776-7927. Meet 7:30 a.m., Frontier Village. 18 miles, 2,500' elevation gain. Starting at Wiliamson Valley Trailhead and returning via loop. 40 miles RT driving.

Thursday, January 17

Slow Plus - Meet 9 a.m., Meet at trailhead where Circle Trail crosses Iron Springs Road. The parking area is on left side of Iron Springs Riad about 1.4 miles west of intersection of Iron Springs Road and Granite Basin Road. We will hike Spence Basin trails.

Saturday, January 19

Slow Plus - Trail Maintenance Day - No slow plus hikes

All Groups -- Trail Maintenance Day.  Trail  work with the USFS for PHC work day. Facilitator: Ann Hendrickson, 828-668-9353, [email protected] Meet 8:45 a.m., Smith Ravine Trailhead. Sign up with Ann. Work 9-1. Pack a lunch. Wear long sleeves, long pants, work gloves, and boots. Tools and instruction provided. Work at own pace. Fun and rewarding volunteer day. *If a work location change needs to be made due to a possible continuation of the government shutdown, a notice will be posted, and individuals who have signed up, will receive an e-mail notification. 
Each participant in any of these hikes assumes total responsibility for his or her own safety and wellbeing.

Driver reimbursement amounts follow: 5 cents/mile when gas is under $2.50, 7 cents/mile when gas is between $2.50-3.00, and 10 cents/mile when gas is over $3.00. Because prices vary among stations, the Costco regular gas price is the benchmark. Each driver is responsible for recording the trip distance.





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Lead a hike: Hike Facilitator Assistance Program

The Hike Facilitator Assistance Program provides mentors to assist others that want to start leading hikes.

The club members in the link below are all willing to pre-hike or co-hike.  They can assist with such items as selecting a trail, posting the hike on the web site, walking through the procedure at the meeting place, acting as a sweep and/or selecting break locations, etc.

They can be contacted by email or phone.  Please note their hike classification preference (slow, slow plus, moderate, moderate minus or strenuous) and their availability.
Hike Facilitators

Type of Hikes

Slow - 3-5 miles

Moderate Minus - 5-8 miles

Strenuous - 10+ miles

Generally flat or gently rolling; occasional short steeper uphill climbs at a slow pace of 1.5 to 2 mph moving rate
Normally up to 1000 feet elevation gain at a relaxed pace (1.75-2 mph moving rate.)
Miles, elevation gain and pace to be determined by leader; e.g. roughly 10+miles, with substantial elevation gain at steady brisk pace (@3 mph moving rate)

Slow Plus - 4-6 mles

Moderate - 7-12 miles

Multiple up and down grades up to 500+ climbs over a two plus hour period at a pace of 2 mph moving rate depending a lot on terrain.
Normally up to 2500 feet elevation gain at steady pace (2.25-3.0 mph moving rate.)

About Slow and Slow Plus Hikes

Slow and Slow-Plus Hikes are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. They start at 7 AM June - August, 8 AM April - May and September - October, and 9 AM November to March. They are usually between 4 and 5 miles long and last 2 hours but on occasion the distance can go to 5.5 or 6 miles and 2.5 hours. If the number of hikers is large and hike facilitators are available, the group often divides up into two or more groups with one using the slower pace. Hikes may be cancelled or locations changed due to weather, etc. so check the weekly Sunday Email on a regular basis especially during the winter time.

 For more information, check the Contacts Page .

Tuesdays - Lynx Lake North Shore
Trailhead location is the North Shore parking lot of Lynx Lake. From Highway 69, turn South onto Walker Road (between Arco and PetSmart) and go about three miles to Lynx Lake North Shore entrance road (same area as the Lynx Lake Café).  Turn Left and follow the road to the trailhead parking area. If the parking lot gets full let people know when you drive thru and then go back out the road to Walker road turn right and then left into the Seven Mile Gulch parking area. The leaders will run a hike over in that area and pick you up as they come by or you can walk back over to the North Shore parking area. 
Thursdays - Granite Mountain Metate Parking Area
Follow Iron Springs Road west out of town. Turn right on Granite Basin Road (about two miles past the Williamson Valley signal light.) Follow Granite Basin Road to the Metate trailhead parking area. On the way you will pass a turn off to the Cayuse trailhead parking area on your right, then the Wekuvde picnic area on you right, then the road will turn into a one-way road as you turn to your right just past the Wekuvde picnic area. Proceed on the one-way loop road. Just after you pass Granite Basin Lake on your right the road will curve left and the trailhead parking area entrance will be on your left.

Saturdays - Thumb Butte Parking Area
Meet at the Thumb Butte trailhead in the upper section of the parking lot near the upper restroom. Take Gurley Street through town towards Thumb Butte. The trailhead and parking lot are located on the right just as the road comes directly under Thumb Butte.
Granite Mountain Metate Map
Thumb Butte Parking Area Map
Lynx Lake North Shore Map

About Moderate Minus, Moderate, and Strenuous Hikes

Moderate Minus / Moderate/Strenuous Hikes are normally every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. (Check the weekly email or the "Current Week's Hikes" at the top of this page for the latest information. Each type of hike may not be scheduled on each of the days.)
An email is sent to PHC members each Sunday with details about the hikes for the upcoming week.

These hikes meet in one of five places around the area: two in Prescott, two in Prescott Valley, and one in Chino Valley. The meeting location is chosen by the hike leader and is usually the location that is closest to the hike trailhead. Maps to the five meeting places are near the bottom of this page.

For more information, check the Contacts Page  or the specific Hike Leader for a hike.

Moderate Minus, Moderate, and Strenuous Hike Locations

The meeting location for each hike is on the schedule and/or in the weekly email.

Click on each line for a map of that location:
West Walmart, Iron Springs Road, Prescott

Prescott Valley Wells Fargo Bank
Frontier Village, Prescott
Prescott Valley Iron King Trailhead
Safeway, Chino Valley
Safeway, Whitespar Rd, Prescott

Previous Hikes

Hikes the Club has done since June, 2014 are in these PDF files.
You can use them to find the last time a hike was done, and also browse for hikes you might want to repeat.
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